Target Platform

5 Days

Project Length


Team Size

July 2


Project Initiation

This was my first project at RED Academy's User Interface Design class

I was tasked with creative a well structured and designed web landing page that is optimized for conversion and showcases the typeface, VAG Rounded

VAG Rounded has been used for a wide range of products and I had trouble pinpointing its one true purpose. After distancing myself and looking at the full picture, I realized that VAG is simply friendly. It’s welcoming and safe. There are no hard edges or fancy flourishes. It is simply a gentle and welcoming typeface. This is why it works so well for selling family vans, honey, restaurant services, and financial plans. You can trust VAG. It is so clean and readable that Apple made it the face of their keyboards since 2003.

In brief, i had to design a landing page for the typeface, VAG Rounded from scratch. I had full creative freedom.

History of VAG Rounded.png




Mockup of three desktop screens displayig the VAG Ronded typeface landing page

#Full Process

#Problem Solving


Static Image of Finished Design

These little circles are supposed to be navigators that are stuck to your screen. Upon hover, they would expand and reveal labels for where they would direct you to if you clicked it.

These arrows would automatically scroll the user's screen down to frame the next section perfectly.