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The typeface with an unfortunate name

VAG Rounded

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Create a well structured and designed web desktop landing page that is optimized for conversion and showcases the typeface, VAG Rounded.

Target Device: 


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The Process: 

I began my design process by looking at the why of the project. Looking at my font and why (purpose) helped me come up with the overall mood of the finished product.

Using these adjectives, I began my Google scavenger hunt. I typed in these key words and grabbed a variety of pictures. I placed them in a collage to organize them, then used Adobe Color to automatically create a colour palette for me

Moodboard and Generated Colour Palette

I found the colours way too bright and decided to tone them down. The new palette still kept its friendliness but with a more vintage vibe now. It also reflected the moods I listed and I was pretty happy with the overall outcome.

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