I connect the physical world with the digital world by creating accessible and beautiful applications.

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Mental Health PSA

'Historic' Cheerios Commercial

I researched, storyboarded, filmed, and edited this PSA in two days. It was lots of fun and I am pretty happy with how it came out. Looking back on it, I'd love to remake it with the technical skills that I know now.

Looking back and watching this makes me laugh. In highschool I had to design a Cheerios box taking on an Art Deco style. I printed it out on regular letter-sized paper and folded it up. I put some real cheerios in it and thought it was hilarious how large they looked, especially in a picture with no context. They were like giant bagels pouring out of the Cheerio Box! I got my smallest cups and utensils and went to work making a silly little commercial. My favourite part is when the 'coffee' spills as I pour it out.

A Cactus Trilogy

You may have seen in the Digital Art section my illustrations of these cacti. After illustrating them, I thought they would look cute if I animated them. I gave them simple loop motions and brought them to life!