Target Platform

15 Days

Project Length


Team Size

Sept 29


Project Initiation

Let's be honest, sometimes a company's first website can really suck. Maybe it's unattractive, or maybe it doesn't solve the problem you set out to solve in the first place, like encouraging clicks or creating revenue.

Our task was to start from a clean slate and make a great ecommerce site.

Furious Fur is a Toronto-based company that designs and produces high quality faux fur products that feel just like real fur. Their products are sold in retail stores world-wide and can even be found in The Bay. In order to expand their market, they want to take their business digital and start selling their products on the e-commerce platform, Shopify.

Our goal with this project was to showcase Furious Fur’s products by creating an e-commerce platform where Furious Fur can communicate the brand, showcase trends, increase digital presence to ultimately drive conversions

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