Hey there! I'm a Toronto-based Ux/Ui Designer. I love to learn and this has sent me in a lot of unexpected directions, ending with me focusing on UX/UI design. If I don't know how to do something, I can quickly figure it out through trial and error, or through research! I am determined to keep expanding my skill set and growing as a designer.

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My Education and Design


I didn't realize how important sociology was in the Design World until I began my journey in UX. From analyzing statistics and data, to simply understanding human behaviour, sociology and UX go hand-in hand.

Film and Graphic Design

Thanks to my experience in film, I am no stranger to story-boarding and collaboration. Learning graphic design in a formal setting sharpened my skills. I realized that I am more than a designer: I am a story-teller.

Full Stack Design

At Red Academy, I learned design through first-hand experience working with clients in an agency setting under the guidance of our instructors. It was here that I really found my passion for UX design and sprouted as a fresh-faced Full Stack Designer.

Contact Me!

Feel free to contact me if you want to talk business, or just have a chat! If you aren't sure what to talk about, check out my slideshow of conversation starters that will really get me talking!



The future is now! I am so excited over the fast development of augmented reality and virtual reality, not just for video games, but for real-world purposes. I am most interested in  AR and VR being used in the medical field and education system!


I connect the physical world with the digital world by creating accessible and beautiful applications.

Feel free to contact me!